Sure, you need to stay warm this winter, but you don't have to go about in a way that isn't sustainable or good for the environment. In fact, there are plenty of ways to heat your home this winter in an eco friendly way so that you can feel good while also saving money. Check out some ideas below to get started on your path towards running a more sustainable home.

Seal Any Gaps in Insulation
The first step in keeping the heat you generate inside your home involves checking for any gaps in your insulation. With good insulation throughout your property, you will also be able to keep the cold air outside without it seeping in.

To examine your insulation, check all of the windows, walls, and lights throughout your home for any cracks and then seal them with caulk or expanding foam. And if you don't want to do it yourself, you can hire professionals like those at Complete Home Energy Solutions. It's that easy, and it will keep you warm and save you money at the same time!

Use a Programmable Thermostat
A really wise investment, not only for the planet but also for your wallet, is a programmable thermostat. After all, who wants to be paying for heat when you aren't even home when you leave for work or to run errands, and who wants to come home to a cold house and wait for it to warm up? With a programmable thermostat, you can set the time when the heat should be turned down, as well as when it should kick back on. 

Stay Warmer at Night with the Right Bedding
To stay warmer in bed at night, you can don warmer clothes to bed, but you can also upgrade your bedding to that which is nice and thick and made for providing you with additional warmth when the temperature drops. This will allow you to stay comfortable and cosy without having to keep the heat turned up high. 

Use Your Windows Wisely
If you need to have new windows installed because they are old and do not provide you with adequate protection from the elements, definitely invest in modern windows that are proven to be more eco friendly. But even if you don't want or have to replace your windows, you can still use them wisely by covering them with thick curtains to keep cold air out. Open the shades during the day so that you can allow the warm sunlight to stream in, though. 

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan
You can use your ceiling fan during the winter to drive hot air down from the ceiling (after all, hot air rises). Simply reverse the direction that the blades spin!

With these handy tips at your disposal, you will be able to run a much more eco friendly home this winter, whether you just make a few slight adjustments to your lifestyle or you invest in the latest and greatest eco friendly products on the market.