Contemporary interior design is the current trend in interior design; open spaces, neutral colours and creating a fixture which is the focal point of a room are all vitally important elements in this kind of design. With this in mind, it would seem contrary that ‘antique fireplaces’ would be out of touch with this contemporary changes in interior design. But by fusing the two, modern and traditional, a house can truly become a home and add the touch of luxury and style which combines to create a truly unique interior design.

Choosing the Right Fireplace
The idea of a traditional fireplace may invoke a variety of ideas in you; a roaring fireplace, ornate design around a small burner or some combination of ornate design on a grand scale. One way to find the fireplace for you is to simply browse through the beautiful, antique design options online at Thornhill Galleries.  This will give you an idea of what a bespoke, classic fireplace design may look like, and upon choosing one, you will begin to see how it will fit with contemporary interior design. 

Fireplaces as a Fixture
As stated earlier, interior design has moved towards creating a fixture which provides the central fixture to a room exuding the class and tranquillity which any room would benefit from. When flicking through the antique fireplaces it is easy to see how they could create the perfect centrepiece for a luxury interior to a room. The fusing of any of the fireplace designs with your carefully chosen interior design invokes the feeling of refinement and quality to modern room. When a friend, family member or anyone for that matter walks into a room, a luxurious fireplace sets the tone for the room; catching the eye, exuding quality and creating a comfortable, serene ambience.

Contemporary Design and Your Fireplace
Your carefully chosen fireplace will fuse perfectly with your contemporary interior design, in ways other than serving as a central fixture. Open plan living is a modern trend with emphasising fewer rooms and creating a more inviting space, something which fits perfectly with your fireplace. The light and heat it exudes create the warm, graceful feeling open-plan craves and serves to further reinforce this feeling. The way the light flickers off the neutral colours draws the eye and will provide a bright light on those dark winters nights and, again, give the homely feel that contemporary interior design aims for. Finally, modern interior design aims for a sense of refinement and class and surely nothing would fit this better than your own antique fireplace when fused with contemporary interior design?

To some, the idea of fusing interior design and antique fireplaces would seem contradictory and undermine the ideas of modern design. To those in the know who appreciate quality, refinement and the finer aspects of interior design, the idea of an antique fireplace does not undermine the principles, but serves to reinforce them in a multiplicity of ways.


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