Offices should be designed and furnished to inspire employees. There is a huge impact of physical space on an employee’s overall efficiency, suggests a research article published by Research Gate (ResearchGate, Hameed & Amjad, 2009). Thus, we can say that a poorly furnished workplace can cause boredom and monotony to an employee, while vibrant and well-furnished offices can boost one’s morale. Other advantages of well-equipped and well-designed offices can be listed as:  
- Improved productivity of employees 
- Improved job satisfaction levels 
- Improved employee retention rate 
- Significant boost in business 
- Impressed clients and visitors 
- Improved market value of a business

Nowadays, companies offer modern designs and décor to their employees to create a stylish and healthy work environment. Hence, when companies plan to furnish their offices, they should consider the following top ten furnishing requirements of modern offices:

1. Office Seating Furniture: Employees need appropriate arrangements for seating to conduct their tasks. A variety of elegant and ergonomically designed executive office furniture can be purchased from the market not just to provide comfort, but also to add style to the work environment of employees. Businesses can find furniture in metal as well as wood variants. Metal furniture can be used in modern office décors, whereas wooden office furniture can be purchased for traditional furnishings at workplaces. It is a good idea to go for office furniture package deals as one can get a whole set of desks, chairs, storage and pedestals at affordable prices for their offices. 

2. Office Storage Cabinets: Files, tools and a wide range of items that are extensively used in offices require appropriate storage. Providing employees with adequate storage facilities for their personal belongings as well as for office supplies can help them in organizing their workplaces in an orderly manner. Well-organized workspaces raise productivity of employees and also leave a pleasant impression on clients (Entrepreneur, Matthews, 2014). As per the requirements companies can invest in requisite office shelving units, racks and cabinets.

    3. Reception Furniture: A stylish and professional reception area of a workplace can leave a long lasting impression on clients and visitors (Business, Krasniak, 2010). Hence, it is important that companies focus on furnishing these places with right furniture and interior design themes that comprehend the nature of their work. Furniture companies offer a wide range of reception furniture online for all types of businesses.

      4. Conference Room Furniture: There are a number of meeting requirements in companies, for example, team meetings, one-on-one sessions, interviews, client interactions, business discussions, etc. Having a designated space for conducting meetings; be it a small corner or a dedicated room, can allow employees to conduct effective sessions. Tables in several shapes with comfortable chairs for extended hours of seating can be found in varied price ranges and styles. Companies can furnish these spaces with a variety of options available in the market. 

      5. Lunch Room Furniture: Another necessary requirement for furnishing in companies is lunch room décor. Employees spend time in company canteens for eating their meals and also for rejuvenating during breaks. Provision for cozy and comfortable seating in canteens can relax employees. From colorful and quirky to elegant and classy types of furniture can be selected for lunch room furnishing. 

      6. Display Utilities: Businesses may require display stands and notice boards for displaying information or for promoting their brands. Thus, one should consider investing in necessary types of display utilities like leaflet display stands, brochure display stands, lockable notice boards, etc. Strategic placement of these utilities at exhibitions and trade fairs can considerably gain attention of potential clients and help in growing business.

      7. Presentation Equipment: For meetings and training sessions at companies, provision for required presentation equipment like podium, projector screens, projector, whiteboards, flipcharts, markers, wipes and other items can allow employees to conduct these sessions effectively.

8. Matting: Another requirement on the list is of matting. From entrances to workspaces, canteens and workshops, mats should be installed to enhance aesthetics and to provide comfort and safety to workers. Anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats available in the market are ergonomic versions of matting. These types of mats provide comfort and prevent slip injuries in work environments.


      9. Office Trolleys: Companies may require transportation of items like files, dishes and other office supplies from one place to another. To conduct these tasks easily, businesses can provide workers with office trolleys. Trolleys come in various sizes and with varied load capacities. Some of the popular types of trolleys are folding crate trolley, office stationery trolley, canteen trolley, etc.

      10Dustbins and Ashtrays: Lastly, cleanliness is important and thus in order to reduce litter in offices, placement of dustbins and ashtrays at various spots can help employees to maintain clean and organized workplaces.

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