Identity of a change of status.

Daa is where heavy-duty mechanical industry meets furniture design. In this alternative to mass production, twelve designers and Italian industrial know-how face a new challenge: making home furnishings using the tools and know-how normally used to make buckets, arms and frames for earthmoving machinery.

“Da a” means from – to in Italian: a change of status. Just as water takes on ever-new forms in reaction to changes in temperature, a process intended for making monolithic mechanical components generates a new vision of design inspired by dialogue with architects.

The strength and the challenge of this experience on the frontier is a blank page representing complete creative freedom. There can be no comparison with previous experiences, no references to predefined stylemes, permitting the perfect balance between individual designers’ personality and the idea Daa is intended to express and convey. An identity characterised by constant “becoming” and, at the same time, precise, consistent uniqueness.

Daa includes a plurality of voices in the object to create a new object, stronger and clearer, based on the flexible relationship between designer and material – metal, but also other materials – industrial processes and craftsmanship in welding, bending and finishing. This cohesion adds new place and new value to the value of industrial know-how in Italy: productive capacity, the search for new technological solutions, and a return to and appreciation of traditional workmanship.

Daa’s products express a reflection capable of going into all kinds of interior and outdoor settings, furnishing them and adding connotations which may be confidential or manifest. An artistic vocation that never slips into distance from the user or deliberate neglect of the object’s function.

Daa is the result of cross-fertilisation of different fields of know-how, creating a new species destined to create and recreate infinite ways of living.