Another cool stuff from Milan Design Week.
Salvatori is Italian design company known the world over for its transformation of stone into beautiful and surprising textures.
Their headquarters are dominated by the Apuan Alps, home to the imposing Carrara quarries with their gleaming white gashes. For centuries man has hewn the marble from them, treasuring the stone for its qualities of permanence and endurance.

The nice selection of the stone:

Of course we need to give some attention to Carrara marble. The classic marble, sought after the world over, Bianco Carrara remains a perennial favourite and is considered the marble “par excellence”.
Used for some of the world’s most famous buildings and sculptures around the world, it comes in several different types enhanced by different vein patterns.

Let's check some textures for Carrara marble.

Honed - plain surface that we love and use quite often.

Romboo - quite interestic geometric surface.

Bamboo - straight plain stripes. Nice and simple.

Raw - plain stripes with a bit of displacement.

Cuscini - the soft effect of a pillow. Headboard maybe? :)