We often collaborate with other bloggers and designers, sharing design tips and newcomes on a design market. Nathalie Hunter is sharing with us her good find in a world of mattresses.

When it comes to buying things for my own home, I am known to be very particular about what I want. Once I have overcome the initial “I like it, I want it, I need it!” impulse, I always stick to my three considerations: style, practicality and price.
Every now and again though, (and it is seldom), I come across a product which manages to fulfil my expectations throughout these three areas. My most recent discovery is the Bruno Mattress.

I like to see my own style reflected in my home, and take satisfaction in researching and buying good quality products from necessities to quirky finds - but mattress shopping is something which I have never been thrilled by. Lying on bed after bed in a shop window whilst being hovered over by a pushy sales assistant.. No thank you. That’s what I love about the Bruno Mattress, it eliminates the hassle associated with mattress shopping whilst providing a top quality product.

Bruno is sold online and delivered directly to your door, and offers just one model that is claimed to be perfect for all body shapes regardless of preferred sleeping position.

So, here’s why the Bruno Mattress meets my purchase criteria:
As you can see from the outside, the Bruno has a sleek and well finished design. From the inside though, the design of the mattress becomes all the more impressive. The layers of the mattress comprise of a 7-zone precision cut support base, a 3cm 100% natural and organic latex top layer, and a machine washable quilted cover top which can easily be completely detached using a concealed zipper.

People behind the Bruno Mattress are so sure that their design is the perfect mattress design for all body shapes and sleeping positions, they only produce the Bruno in one model.

The Bruno Mattress is delivered free of charge to your door compressed in a box - where it can then be easily carried to your room of choice and expands to its full size after it is unpacked. The mattress comes with a 30 night trial period - if you’re not completely satisfied within this time, Bruno will be returned at the company's own expense. The Bruno Mattress has been extensively and independently tested for quality and durability- that’s why it is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

A Fair Price
The materials used in the Bruno Mattress are of the highest quality, sourced by sustainable means, and assembled where possible by hand. Now, all of this sounds like it is going to cost the customer a substantial amount. However, because Bruno Sleep operates online with a direct to customer business model, unnecessary costs (for example, salesmen and excess packaging) associated with traditional mattress selling are effectively cut - allowing these savings of 30-40% to be passed on directly to customers.

So there you have it; style, practicality and fair price – Bruno has is all.


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