For the first time we saw davidpompa tiles on Pinterest and fell in love and this year in Milan we could finally see their products live.

Studio davidpompa was born out of the desire to create contemporary design with a strong commitment to Mexican identity & craftsmanship.
The spirit of finding what is Mexico and combining it with something new to create something simple and prefect.

Studio davidpompa is a young interdisciplinary design studio based in Mexico and Austria.
Founder David Pompa Alarcón grew up in both countries and has a strong relationship to Mexican culture. He studied product design in London. In 2013 the designer opens his first store in Mexico City.

The idea to work with Mexican artisanry started with a trip to Oaxaca in 2009 where David saw artisans work with "Barro Negro" for the first time. Since then we are committed to Mexican culture and artisanry. Doing that required a complete new way and challenges boundaries of culture, product and material.

Combining tradition and innovation with our passion for high quality inspires our lighting and furniture. To rethink and reinvent Mexican artisanry is the concept for all our collections. There is a surprising magic in traditional materials when combining them with new techniques and ideas.