Nerosicilia is one of the lava stone manufactures and lava stone started to boom design market recently. This is a very durable product, which could be used for kitchen worktops, floors and tiles. Boffi showroom in Milan had a very nice kitchen worktop from Nerosicilia (picture further in the post).

Nerosicilia is a lava stone extracted from the slopes of Etna. The high temperature generated by special facilities transforms the surface of the slabs: a new natural material is created, improved in its technical features, exclusive and therefore particularly suitable to meet the requirements of modern everyday living.

Nerosicilia presents five lava stone surfaces reflecting the techno-physical potential of the material itself. Nature itself confers to the lava different “appearances” and nerosicilia wished to interpret them. The source of inspiration is the very own fire from the volcano. Depending on where the magma is coming from, it gives life to different properties which are reflected in the material hence determining the surface. By tracking back the process of fusion of the material hidden behind an inventory of formulas, fusion curves, ages, temperatures and other “alchemies”, nerosicilia is returning to us the lava stone from the Etna in its different “appearances”. laNera, laRoccia, the enneUno, the enneDue and the enneTre; without forgetting the natural lava stone, laGrigia, as it is traditionally worked using various mechanical finishes (honed, polished, bush-hammered, sandblasted).

Azor-thin glass powder meets the power of fire and is transformed into incredible decorations. This process allows us to decorate full 80x300x2cm slabs expanding the design potential of the product. It is also possible to order bespoke designs.