As we get to closer to Christmas our attention turns towards spending time with our families, eating lots of delicious food and receiving presents. It may sound like an idyllic period when we are able to relax and pamper ourselves as much as possible. It can, however, end up causing you an awful lot of stress as you are required to plan and host various parties leading up to the big day.
If you are like me and love to throw parties for everybody in your life, especially last minute ones, then you will be well-aware of just how stressful it can be! This is especially the case if you are trying to ensure that you are making the best use of a limited space. However, if you are able to think ahead and carefully plan when selecting new items of furniture, then you may well be surprised at just how much use you can make of your limited amount of space.
So, what furniture should you be buying if you are a social butterfly and always looking to throw a party? Take a look at these top tips below to get you started.

Take Some Time to Declutter
If you know that you are going to be having quite a large number of guests round at your home, the first you need to do is decide which of your furniture is essential. If you are expecting people to mingle together, then make sure that you remove any boxy armchairs that take up space. Move these out to another room so as open up the room to allow your guests to mix together. You can always leave a couple of chairs if you are expecting people who may not be comfortable standing for long periods of time. There are plenty of delightful comfy chairs available that will get the job done, or if you have any summer outdoor chairs, put these to good use!

Think Outside the Box
For those of you who, like me, are based in the UK, this one is probably not to be recommended during the winter months! Ensure that you are making full use of your outdoor space and move the party outside. Opt for sturdy folding tables and use them as your food and drinks tables and encourage your guests to enjoy your garden and to mix and mingle outside. The fabulous bonus of this is that it really helps to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up afterwards. If you are lucky enough to have a large conservatory that is heated and not too chilly, there is no reason why you cannot extend your party into this space during the winter for those Halloween and Christmas get-togethers!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall  
This next one is ideal if your home has a limited amount of space and is an old trick often used when preparing a house for home viewings. Cleverly-placed mirrors on large walls create an illusion of space and help people relax in smaller spaces, which is obviously how we want to be at parties. There is also the added benefit that it allows you to quickly touch-up your appearance and to make sure that no clothing mishaps occurred while you were in the bathroom; believe me, I am speaking from experience!

Get the Ambience Spot on
Each of the senses play an important role in creating a great ambience in your home, especially when you are playing host. Entertaining in a beautiful home is all about making sure that your guest feels welcomed. Keep an eye out for beautiful floral centrepiece arrangements and eye-catching ornaments that will help to create a year-round ambience and make your guests feel welcomed in your home. There are some pretty shrewd investments that you could make if you ever plan on entertaining outside. For those chillier events, portable fireplaces are a fabulous purchase to make sure that it is a night to remember for your guests. You should also keep an eye out for throws to put on lounge chairs; you can use these yourself and they will be welcomed by your guests.

Article by Nathalie Martin