Quite often switches and sockets do not get enough attention during refurbishment process, however they truly play an important role in the overall look of interior. Here are some interesting alternative ideas for switches and sockets.
The contemporary looking clear plate ranges from Focus SB could be used both in modern, as well as period interiors. They seem to bring a subtle touch of modernity to these interiors without compromising the period feel. The clear plates are great with high quality wall coverings, as the transparent acrylic lets the pattern or texture shine through. But clear plates can be used equally effectively with painted walls as an alternative to paintable plates.


Those ranges are more special and need to be carefully thought through. Sockets with wooden plates could match joinery, if fitted close or on the joinery, kitchen cabinets or wooden floor. Those sockets and switches will add more rustic/ country effect.

Keep in mind same principal as for wooden plates, find something else in the space you can match it to. 

Metal plates are the most popular and their range goes all the way from chrome to aged brass, etc.
Metal finishes are easy to match with the rest of the interior. Antique finishes are especially in trend.