We have installed quite a few steel partitions recently and we will tell you why :)
First of all it is nice wow-factor feature for the house and additionally it still places the role of the partition. Steel and glass partition will work perfectly when you do not want to block the light travelling from one room to another and like the idea of open space, but you still need some barrier between two spaces.

Those partitions could be installed to separate kitchen from the dining/living room area to keep cooking smells only in the kitchen.

In some options it might work more as a decorative feature, but the concept is still the same.

Also, glass and steel partition could be used in the space where homeowners would like to have an open space room, but lobby is required by Building Regulations fire savery rules.

Hotels and Master bedrooms can incorporate steel and glass partitions to separate the ensuite bathroom. This will visually make the room look bigger. Blinds or curtain could be fitted for intimacy.

Alternatively, those partitions could be used as decorative touch to the space.