Bathrooms and Kitchen are perhaps those rooms that require detailed design the most. When it comes to kitchen design we think through every detail from finishes to where the spoons and plates are going to be stored. We designed and choose every unit and its interior together with the Client to make sure they get their dream kitchen.

Kitchens in Minimal White.

White kitchen are quite popular, as the colour is quite neutral and hardly ever will be outdated. We find that people who are refurbishing their apartments with a potential of reselling in few years tend to go white. Also homeowners who think they might get tired of all other colours and patterns like to choose white too. In order not to have a plain and clinical look it is important to balance the white with other elements and materials.

In this Project kitchen was chosen in a white matt finish. Kitchen worktop was fitted in the complementing white quartz and kitchen backsplash in reflective white glass. Reflective glass breaks down the monotone matt white and adds some movement to the design. Breakfast bar in wooden veneer separates cooking and eating areas nicely.

This white kitchen balances well with strong black steel elements in the same space, as well as with soft blue pendants over the island and grey carrara quartz worktop.The space looks quite soft, but with a touch of industrial sophistication.

Another trick to personalise a white kitchen space is to fit patterned splashback tiles. This is something relatively easy to change if you get tired or plan to sell the apartment.

Modern Country Kitchens

For a warmer country style look we sourced beautiful kitchen cabinets all the way from Spain. White oak cabinets finished was combined with a sea blue floor tiles to achieve Mediterranean feel.

Even though kitchen cabinets are exactly same as in the previous Project the look of this kitchen is more Traditional British, I would say. This was achieved by fitting white metro tiles on the kitchen splashback.

This kitchen was designed in two different finishes, oak base cabinets and white wall cabinets. Cabinets in white visually create more space. Worktop was chosen in unique grey limestone.

Various Kitchen Design

This kitchen was designed with open floating shelves instead of standard wall cabinets. Worktop in carrara marble.

This was a small kitchen designed in two shades of linen effect finish. As the space was relatively small, it was important for us not to make it too flat and dark. Worktop and full-height splashback in carrara marble.

Base cabinets were finished in dark oak, wall cabinets in balancing white.

Sophisticated kitchen in dark oak with warm candle-imitation pendant light above the dining table.

If you need any advise on the kitchen design, please do not hesitate to contact Ardesia Design.


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