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6.      We always try to use natural materials for interior finishes rather than its imitation and prefer matt finishes to shiny. We are trying not to use ceramic basins and polished stone, but like to integrate matt sealed stones, cement tiles, microcement, matt resin stone basins and matt stone worktops into our design.



7.      We are very much in favour of straight and square lines in space design. Clean and even architectural approach to space planning and interior design has always been our favourite. We would mostly use straight lines in space division, joinery design and FF&E specifications. Generally, we would not use a lot of curves, celebrating a more minimal approach to shapes and space forms. Symmetry and alignment in design always helps to achieve great visual aesthetics.

8.      Among natural materials we like using wood very much when designing a house. Wooden flooring is almost a must for us. We can also experiment and add some character to the space by introducing reclaimed wood furniture or antique pieces from France, Italy and Spain.

9.      Mostly we are getting inspired by Scandinavian and Mediterranean interior design styles and trying to create a modern fused variation of both.

10.       When designing a house we put a lot of love and attention to details and in general to everything we do ;)