We usually design shelving as part of the inbuilt joinery and quite often forget how wonderful can decorative shelving look like. Here are some examples of cool shelving units, that will make the space look more interesting. 

1. The Round Dorm

The Round Dorm will fit in any home and will give the wall an elegant, unique and delicate look. Use it for storage or all your favourite little things. It is made of beech and birch plywood, hangs in a leather string and comes with a beech hook.

2. Stedge shelf by Would

Stedge is all about lightness, purism and a clear structure. The subtle design is an optical illusion as the solid shelves seem to hang by a thread. The unbalanced appearance of the Stedge shelf makes it a minimalistic stage for your favourite objects.

3. House Doctor Marble Shelf with Brass Brackets
A Danish adaptation of the classic 1970s shelf unit. Easy to hang, the marble shelf comes with a pair of brass brackets.

4. Mikado Bookcase
This bookcase in graphic and unstructured form will display your favourite books in a truly original way.

5. Muuto Small Folded Shelf Small
The Folded Shelves by Muuto are practical and aesthetically pleasing- ideal as a nightstand, in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, office, etc.