Here is another blogger collaboration that we did and Nadya Jones is sharing her tips on how to dress your window to impress.

Do you want your windows to become the center of attraction the next time you have guests over? It’s quite simple, really. I personally believe windows add the needed oomph and make a room look extremely pleasing.
Over the years, I have tried and tested different ways to beautify my windows, and now have a few tips that I can share with you. I don’t remember the last time when I had someone over to my place and they didn’t compliment my beautiful windows.
Curious to know these tips? Hold your horses, because I’m here to share them with you.

Tips to Make Your Windows Look Beautiful

Enhance the Size of Your Windows
The bigger, the better! Larger things always catch your attention faster than the smaller ones. So why not apply the same rule to your windows as well?

Paint a Border around Your Windows
The paint will add to the window frame, making it look presentably larger than usual. With larger borders, it is highly likely to catch anyone’s sight within no time. So the next time you plan on repainting your walls, don’t forget to give your window a painted border.

Opt for Larger Window Frames
If you’re not in favor of painting a border, just install a larger window frame. The thickness of the frame will surely make the window look bigger and more appealing. Play around with the color of the frame for a creative look. You can also check for creative designs that you can use.

Make Curtains the Focal Point
The most traditional and classical way of making your windows look beautiful is by putting on attractive or colorful curtains.

Use Fabric with Patterns
A bold and beautiful pattern on your curtain is all that is necessary to draw the eyes towards the window. You can find curtains in the market in a variety of patterns and colors. Choose the one that suits your room’s paint and furniture. If you are having a hard time deciding which curtains to get, take my advice and try Allen Roth curtains.

Cover Your Walls with Curtains
Curtains can also steer attention from the walls to the windows. If you hang curtains that cover your walls surrounding the window, then it will seem bigger and more appealing.

Consider How to Use Your Window Rods
Window rods can play an important part in making your window stand out and look delightful. The size and placement of the rods can significantly enhance your window display.

Install Your Rods Higher
By installing your rods higher, your window will look taller and wider. It’s a perfect trick without spending a penny on getting a new window installed.

Extend Rods Past the Window Frame
By installing your rods higher, your window will look taller and wider. It’s a perfect trick without spending a penny on getting a new window installed. If you cover your windows with a curtain, no one can tell its exact size. A wider rod can show that the window is extending to its edges. It’s a physiological trick that can convince someone into thinking that the window is as big as the curtain. Clever technique, isn’t it?

Final Words

Which tip do you find helpful? Share these useful tips with your loved ones, so they can also make their windows look majestic. Let me know what you think of these tips in the comments.

About the author:
Nadya Jones is a blogger and an entrepreneur.
She is the co-founder of Allen Roth HQ, a blog about home design and improvements.
With her husband Brett, she writes tips and tricks they learned while renovating their house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nadya handles the interior design and Brett implements her ideas in a cost-efficient way.
Follow their home adventures on Twitter @diy_brett