Guest article by Regina Due

You've been thinking about cleaning your carpets, but you're bombarded with a lot of information. More to the point, you're bombarded with a lot of misinformation. While you know that carpet cleaning would undoubtedly make your space look cleaner and brighter, you're not sure how, when and who should clean your carpet.

Fair enough. Let's put those questions to rest. Here's the most common carpet cleaning myths, debunked.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Expensive

While there is certainly time when doing a DIY spot clean or renting a carpet cleaning unit is the most affordable, sensible option, and while a professional carpet cleaning service is certainly more costly than either of these options, hiring experts is not as cost-prohibitive as you may think. The reason for this is simple: people spend more time and money trying to ineffectually clean their carpets themselves than they would have if they just hired a professional service in the first place.

What’s more, the professionals will know how to deal with sensitive fabrics and even antique rugs, so you won’t end up having to replace your carpet thanks to your self-serve efforts.

Carpet Cleaners Use Chemicals

boy, carpet, child

This is not categorically true. Yes, some carpet cleaning companies do use chemicals, and the majority the rental units do, but many reputable carpet cleaning companies use safe, green solutions. Not only is this easier on the environment, but it is easier on the people who come in contact with the carpets. No chemicals means no harsh reactions to toxins. This is a particularly appealing feature for people with allergies or respiratory problems. It’s also an assuring perk for those with rugs or carpet in their kid’s room, since children spend more time face-to-face with the floor than adults.

Carpet Cleaning Takes A Long Time to Dry

This myth is partially true. Wet cleaning can take some time to dry, but it doesn’t mean your carpet will be out of commission for days. In fact, some dry cleaning services can have your carpet traffic-ready in just over an hour. No need to re-route your whole day. Which type of service you will want will depend on a handful of factors, most notably the sort of stains and wear on your carpet and your carpets material. Silk, for instance, should always be dry cleaned, since moisture destroys the fibres.

If you’ve hired a pro, then they will know exactly which method to use for which material. If you’re going it alone, it behooves you to educate yourself on how to clean different types of fabrics.

For some people and in some cases, this educational effort will be worth it, especially if you only have a little rug to clean or a few minor stains. For others people and in other circumstances (like when you have a lot of carpet that needs to be cleaned, delicate materials or a whole lot of stains), then going pro from the start is always going to be your best bet.