Technology has changed the way we live our lives and will continue to change them in the future. With the arrival of high tech gadgets, it seems as 2018 will be the year of technology. The latest gadgets offer the convenience and simplicity to your home. When it comes to smart living, we think of the gadgets that make our homes smarter and comfortable to live.
Almost every week some new devices are launched to make our lives easier and convenient. Technology moves faster than what we can keep up nowadays. Let us see the gadgets which would make our homes much smarter in 2018.
Some smart home designers are already offering latest technology trends to their customers, but some home designers need to update their services to meet the current trends. If you are in Queensland, you can search for local home builders gold coast online to design your home with the latest technology.
Let’s introduce ourselves to the gadgets that would change the way we live in our homes in 2018:
Voice Assistants
Now you don’t need to operate the gadgets in your house manually. Voice assistants do it for you. Voice assistants like Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa do it for you. Voice assistants allow you to control your home appliances and lights with your voice.
With voice assistants, you can control your lights, record your favorite TV shows and microwave. Samsung’s Bixby has recently joined the race of smart voice assistants and will operate all the Samsung devices in your home. Moreover, the companies making home appliances such as smart TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. are making them compatible with the voice assistants.
Health Sensors
This year many health sensor devices will make their way to the homes of gadget lovers. With health sensors, you can easily measure your health parameters like respiratory rate, body temperature, heart-beat and blood oxygen levels.
For example, Oska Pulse helps you to measure your blood flow to the impacted parts of your body. The device is specially made to help the people suffering from chronic pain. Another example of health sensor is Sensio Air which lets you measure the dust particles in your rooms. This is beneficial for people with allergies.
Smart Security
Security is a primary concern of every home. There are a lot of security devices that can make your home a smart home. From motion sensors to security cameras and smart locks to video doorbells you can protect your home from burglars and robbers.
It’s now much easier to keep an eye on all the areas of your home from a single access point. Syncing devices of different brands is a hassle, so it is better to buy all the security of a single brand, as they can be synced easily with each other.
For example, Adobe has rolled out a security kit that consists of a motion sensor camera, door and window sensors and a remote key. You can easily connect them with other smart devices.
Smart furniture
In the future, we will see the smart furniture capable of transforming itself according to the user needs. The shelving units will convert themselves into a bed on your command and further into a sofa when you want to relax or watch TV.
For example, a simple looking book self can turn itself into a walk-in closet or bed with a command to a voice assistant or with the press of a button. The technology is yet in the pilot stage, but it shows what type of furniture would make your home smarter in the coming years.
Wireless charging
Wireless charging is not a new technology, but it has started gaining popularity since last year. The introduction of the Qi wireless chargers for the latest iPhone models, many tech companies have started introducing it in the markets. Many other companies like LG and Samsung have also launched the wireless charging devices.
Temperature management
With temperature management devices you can heat up your rooms on the way from work to home. This technology is ready to heat up your home this year. With the proliferation of geo-fencing functionality, that makes use of GPS or RFID to create a virtual geographic periphery allows you to change the temperature when you move from one room to another. For example, some devices like Honeywell Lyric T5 is equipped with this feature, but you can see more devices and more features of temperature management in future.
You already have multiple devices and home appliances which are used manually. But the recent development in technology will make the home appliances work and communicate within a range. For example, some devices communicate their technical problems to the technical support before you even know them. A microwave in your kitchen can begin preheating from an app from your living room. Your refrigerator can suggest you recipes based on the vegetables that are placed in it.
Final words
These were the smart appliances that are going to change the way we live in our sweet homes. The home appliance manufacturers are all set to launch their smart gadgets to make your lives more simple and convenient.