The first thing that comes to mind while moving our house is the cost of moving. Due to the rising fuel cost and a shortage of drivers, the moving costs have increased significantly over the past few years. However, you can reduce the costs of moving your house in a number of ways.
This post shares some essential tips that will help you reduce the moving costs significantly:

Get rid of the items you don’t need
The total weight of your load is an important factor in determining the cost of a long haul move. Instead of shifting all the items, remove the items you don’t need at your new place. You can donate the things you don’t need, give them to a friend or give them in a junkyard. This will significantly reduce the overall load which in turn reduces the cost of moving.
Experts recommend that you should start to go through house 60 days before the date of moving to find the items which you need to move and which are of no use. Then start selling or donating the items which you don’t want to use and move to the new location.
Research to find the best mover
You should research in advance before selecting a mover for shifting your home. Contact at least four to six companies to compare the process and services. Try to select a licensed mover company that offers proper resource with insurance to complete your move efficiently. Check the official websites of the mover and also read the Google reviews to know the quality of services they offer. Also, compare the prices they charge for the same distance and load. You should select a company with the maximum positive reviews and which offers high-quality services at reasonable prices.
Pack and Unpack yourself
Packers and movers charge a lot for the packing and unpacking of items. The cost of packing is around 25 percent of the total moving cost. To save the cost, start packing at least one month in advance. Even if you don’t want to pack all the items yourself, you should pack small items and leave the larger ones such as furniture and home appliances to the movers. House removalist helps you to packing all items safely.
For example, small items like clothes, beddings and other kitchen appliances can be packed easily. However, if you have planned to buy insurance for your move, the items you pack yourself will not be covered by the insurance. It is best to pack the unbreakable items yourself and leave the breakable items to the movers.
Time of your move
You should be flexible on the time of your move. Try to avoid your move in the months of June, July and August as these are the months when there is a high demand for movers. So the prices are higher during this period as most people shift homes due to school vacations. Also, avoid moving at the beginning and the end of a month as the demand is again high in these days because most of the apartment leases end in these days. Due to this reason, the process of moving is higher at the beginning and end of the month. Try to move your house in the middle of the month as the prices are low and the movers can combine shipments and charge you less.
Label your boxes
Categorize the boxes and label them to avoid any complications during the unloading of boxes at the destination. This will help you to avoid purchasing duplicate items like cleaners, toiletries and other common household items when you arrive at the new location. Colored labels help in the unloading and unpacking of items. Also, number your boxes so that you can easily know which one is lost or misplaced. This will also help you count the boxes while loading and unloading. You should also note the numbers of boxes containing the items you need to unpack on high priority like cleaners, sanitizers and kitchen essentials.
Invest in insurance
Moving companies are required to provide the basic coverage of move according to the federal law. This means that they are required by the law to provide the coverage value for the items broken or damaged during the move. However, if you are transporting valuable items, you will want to pay more to have the full replacement coverage value. When you choose to have a full coverage value of your items, the moving company is required to provide the actual value of the item damaged during the move.
Final words
Even while working on a strict time schedule, plan your move in advance as planning will help you to save costs on many little things. A little research for finding the best mover and considering the above-mentioned points, you will be able to save a lot on your move.