Standard ceilings are white but the ones that stand out are covered in cement! 


  1. Fireproof Sound Barrier and Fireproof Noise Barrier for Outdoor Use

    AcousticBarrierFactory is one of the premier companies dealing with mass loaded vinyl barrier and other noise reduction materials. We have achieved precious trust from the customers based on our reliable quality, responsible service, professional team and rich experiences.

    Fireproofing Noise Barriers and Fireproof Noise Barriers for Outdoor
    2.Environmental friendly
    3.Offers complete design flexibility
    4.Test Reports available on request

    Dedication and profession have been our pursuing goal during any procedures of our soundproofing exterior walls and acoustic barrier production, not only in developing and quality controlling, but also in marketing and after sales. AcousticBarrierFactory serves any single potential customer with special individual solutions and systems.

    Acoustic Barrier Products

    Industrial Acoustical Barriers Road Acoustical Barriers Sound Barrier
    Acoustical Barriers Top Curve Bending Acoustic Wall/Noise Barrier
    Acoustic Barrier Best Acoustic Panel On Sale Price Acoustic Blanket
    Acoustic Barrier Sound Proof Rigid Air Bubble Board Insulation Blanket
    Outdoor High Quality Construction Site Sound Blankets Noise Barrier
    Outdoor Temporary Construction Noise Barriers Sound Barrier Panels

    We have been exporting acoustic materials to Singapore, Ukraine, Australia, United States, Egypt, Russian Federation, India, Italy, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Cuba, etc.

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  3. Hey!! You are right. There is a lots of noise when your home is near a place as as racer track, red light circle or a crowded market. So I was planning to construct an acoustic barriers around the house. You post really help me a lot to understand that how it works.

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