Christmas it's not all about the tree. If you haven't started to decorate your house, it is time as Christmas is around the corner!

Find inspiration in small details, that you can buy or DIY, and they will make your home feel more warm and Christmassy than ever!

You can make your own synthesis on the top of your coffee or dining table. Use one big platter and place vases which can be filled with dry thin branches, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, star anise and candles.

A key element to the Christmas decoration is, of course, the wreath. You don't have to cover the whole ring, feel free to play with the form, the colours of your and the ornaments.

Be creative! Repurpose your log holder and place it at a corner of your living room or even at your balcony

You can also repurpose your big lanterns to make a unique composition with small Christmas elements and light strings.

Another big protagonist is your fireplace, it warms up body and soul! Here don't be afraid to go a bit over the top with your tree leaves, branches and candles. Pinecones, cinnamon sticks and dry orange slices will not only compliment your synthesis but the will fill the room with a delicious Christmas scent.

There countless ways that you can play with leaves and candles. Bring nature inside, simply and affordably!

Last but not least don't forget your Christmas star and your cosy pillows and throws. Nothing can compare to a sweet hygge corner while it is cold outside!

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We will be glad to help you bring your dreams to life ;)