The nordic style has progressed in the last few years. Textures, earthy tones, warm pigments and organic formes break the silence of the pure minimalistic black and white Scandi style.

Beige and champagne colour tones are favoured and in order to add some contrast, 
you can pick wooden textures, leather and warm tone textiles.

Pick prints with abstract themes, or portraits or even botanical subjects. Do not feel afraid to play with different sizes and frame colours.

Enhance the cosy feeling by adding rugs and throws on your couch or bed. The rug can be monochrome in soft pale colours or it can make a statement with a bold pattern.

Bring the nature inside. Add some flower pots, by picking leafy plants that are safe for interior space.



Lights, lights, lights! The Scandinavians have mastered lighting as in the north the daylight is short. Do not focus only on floor and ceiling lamps, give attention also to candles and lanterns that can create a warm and romantic effect.