Does your bathroom look dated? It is time for a renovation. Take a look at the new trends and revamp your bathroom wisely. Bare in made space, function and of course style. New materials like cement and geometric tiles are here to give a modern look and at the same time a new character to your bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is small, by renovating it you get a great chance to declutter and think about how you can save space by creating smart solutions for your storage. Some clever solutions to make your bathroom look bigger can be the walking shower, floating vanities, light colour, and reflective surfaces. Keep also in mind that you can customize your cabinetry with the help of your interior designer, to take advantage of formerly unused space and create a furniture piece that will suit your needs. 

Embrace simplicity

Stick with a neutral palette

Maybe a bit more playful? Dare to go pink

or add some pattern

or both

A bit of glam but ...minimal!

Here is some more inspiration

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