Yesterday, I sang my praises at the mew METOD range of kitchens from Ikea. Clearly an improvement on the previous FAKTUM range (as close as we were after years of good times) and a fantastic solution for those not wanting to spend a small fortune on their new kitchen but whilst still achieving some level of 'bespoke'.

Today we will be looking at some pros and cons of the new range.


  • Price: This is the obvious one, it truly is an affordable kitchen range, there's no arguing about that. At the same time, you do get that Scandinavian design element, too, without paying a fortune.
  • Customisable: I would not call Ikea a custom kitchen but it certainly is modular, offering some level of customisation to clients. 
  • On Trend: With the possibility to mix and match cabinet fronts, it is bang on trend for 2014 kitchens.
  • Flexibility on Sizing: Not only do the units come in a variety of sizes but our builders tend to be ok with cutting and amending the units to fit on site as well.
  • Easy of Installation: The new METOD kitchens come with a new frame / track system that attaches to the wall, onto which the base and wall units fix. This aids the installer, leaves space for electrical wiring and keeps everything in line.
  • Bespoke Interiors: The biggest improvement between the FAKTUM and the new METOD is the interior fittings of the cabinets. I already mentioned my favourite element, the double drawers, but there is plenty more to play around with from fitted cutlery trays to LED lighting in drawers to modular storage containers and recycling waste bins.


  • New Sizing: If you already have a FAKTUM kitchen and want to change the doors or replace something which has been damaged, the new base units are 80cm high instead of 70cm, as before. This means the new METOD doors will not fit on the old FAKTUM kitchen. There are so many little changes that if you want to update your old Ikea kitchen, you might be better off replacing it entirely.
  • Plumbing: The lack of space behind the units for pipes has always been an issue with Ikea kitchens and something with sadly has not been upgraded in the new range. Something we have to live with.
  • DIY: If you're after some professional help with the design of your kitchen and think it will be nice and easy to pop in store and get someone to design it for you, be prepared for a headache. Having personally tried the design service, I found it time consuming and stressful and much prefer to do it myself entirely.
  • Delays, Missing Items, Multiple Trips: Collecting the kitchen and getting it right will be an issue, even the professionals get it wrong half the time. Be prepared to queue and wait for hours, find something to be damaged or missing and yourself having to go back to Ikea two or even three times to make things right.
  • The Cabinets May not sit Flush: Personally, we have never encountered this issue to an extent where I would complain about it is one of the major complaints that people make about the finished kitchen - the doors don't sit flush, or the cabinets don't fit side by side square. I think these issues come down to the chipboard material.

Overall, if one weighs up the pros and cons against the price (which in itself is a pro), then the pros do outweigh the cons. For investors and young homeowners, the METOD kitchen range is the best thing to come out on the market since, well, Ikea itself.

Ikea's kitchen business leader for the UK, Julian Masters, says: "Truly bespoke kitchens have only previously been available through designer kitchen retailers at high prices. However, with METOD we have opened up the opportunity for consumers in the UK to create a completely personalised kitchen at an affordable price".

"With our new service offer, customers also have the choice to decide if they wish to design and fit their new kitchen themselves or use our new design consultation and certified installation service. This means they will only ever pay for what they need. We are confident that our complete kitchen offer is still competitively priced".

Competitively priced, certainly, but in terms of full customisation and personalisation, the finishes and set sizes do not make this a 100% bespoke solution. Then again, what does one expect for such a competitive price? Ikea can surely stand up proud with the new range and competitors like Wickes and B&Q are surely quivering in their boots. A real luxury kitchen it is not but for making great design affordable by all they get 10 points.