Different colours and shades are coming in and out of fashion. Black is one of the classy colours, which would never go out of fashion, however, depends of course on how yo use it. Around 20 years ago a bedroom with black walls might seem a bit strange and rather rebellious, while now black is corresponding to edgy design, depth and drama. 

Does not matter how great black could be by itself, in real life it would be not as easy to create a black on black on black space. So, which other colours would go well with black?

+ Dark Grey
Black in combination with its brother colour dark grey will create a more deep shade combination and a layered feel. It is a good idea to break up a black wall without creating too much of the contrast.

+Pale wood
The combination of a light wood, such as birch or washed out oak can look wonderfully contemporary.

+Warm Metallic
Being in love with brass and dark colours in general, I think that this combination is definitely my favourite. Both brass and black have a richness and integrity. Metal finish also adds extra warmth. 

+Soft red
Pairing black with a subtle red is a good match. Not bright and vibrant red, but rather pale. 

+Classic white
Being classy still works and combination of white and black .White stands out against a black backdrop, looking extremely crisp and stylish. It offers a contrast on Scandinavian style, which typically employs white walls with black accents. 

This super-bright shade of blue makes a zingy partner for black, injecting fun into all the darkness. Imagine this chair in a muted, organic shade, such as sage, and it doesn’t feel like such a fit. A bold, confident turquoise, on the other hand, can hold its own against the inky depths beyond.

Black and yellow is a highly contemporary combination and this dynamic duo is both bold and full of energy. This living room benefits from lots of natural light, which brightens the black and highlights the yellow, but it’s a combination that would work in any space.

But in general, black being a neutral colour, quite bold, but still neutral, will go with mostly everything. Do not afraid to experiment, just do not go bright red :)