Aigredoux is a French company that designs and creates exclusive bespoke home linens. Once completed in the workshop in France, their creations are shipped worldwide where they adorn beds and tables in the most beautiful yachts, the grandest hotels and the most elegant residences. They complement the designs of the architects and interior designers.

For many years, Aigredoux has emitted a sense of luxury and intricacy while providing creative ideas on demand. As an elegant and sophisticated signature, Aigredoux is famous for worldwide insiders.
Originating from a long family tradition, Aigredoux maintains a historical French ‘’savoir faire’’.

Choice of cording colours allows for the ultimate touch of personal creativity. Personalisation makes each model a unique work of art.

 A finition, gives a sense of detail, providing an original style to the creations.

Pairing colours as you desire, and create a unique customized design.