The home is a sacred place. For all the time we spend in the office, at our friend’s places or on the go, nothing beats returning to the familiarity of our homes. A living space naturally reflects our persona; tastes, so building which appeals to our style likes and dislikes is just what we’re built to do.
Building upon these styles has never been easier either. With design inspiration from hundreds of blogs and websites always available, putting together the perfect interior has never been more fun. We’ve looked at some of the best home styles that emerged in 2015, as well as what we expect to flourish even further in 2016.

OK, so minimalism in home design has been around for decades. A new aspect of this concept that has caught my attention over the past year is the slow drift from neutral colours, instead using dark and deep shades, as well as bright colour combinations, in place of the usual whites and off-whites.
This is an especially popular style in smaller homes, where minimalistic furniture layout and interior design can help save space. As such, minimalistic homes lose some of the warmth that comes from random items, as the design aesthetic is very strict. However, this gives you an opportunity to mess around with minimalistic design and experiment with different colours and home accessories.

Last year say many taking very creative approaches to incorporating natural design elements into their homes. Whether it’s plants, stone elements, wooden features, or fur, adding natural design aspects to your home can really help it come alive. 2016 will also see plenty more creative approaches to natural design, incorporated stylishly to compliment and supplement an existing interior design.
The use of natural lighting can also help add a natural feel to your living spaces. Seek out windows and other sources of natural lighting, and make sure you are letting in as much as possible. Instead of regular curtains, which blocks out most natural lighting spillage, try out plantation shutters which are far better at letting light in whilst also providing privacy.

Colour Clashes
Adding more colour is never a bad thing, but 2016 has already given way to a new trend of little or no interior colour coordination as a fashion. Every walked into a home and been startled by the absences of common colour patterns? Experimental palettes really catch the eye and many are realising how memorable a home can be with some creative thought.
How you create colour combinations in your own home is up to you. For inspiration, you can visit the Dulux website and create colour combinations from their thousands of products. This will not only help you visualise potential colour patterns, but also browse thousands of colours and products from the Dulux website.

The industrial look has been popular consistently through-out the years, but with more post-industrial spaces being used as housing space, the industrial interior style has become more and more popular. Many people have utilised industrial spaces as livings spaces, which can capture the industrial style spot-on.

If you’re however looking to add some industrial coolness to your home, think big and metallic in a design sense. Ceiling fans have long been utilised in industrial spaces, and these are suited just as well for living spaces. Metallic furnishing or decorative elements will also reinforce the industrial style you are utilising. Buy Kartell chairs, step-stools, and other modern furniture to further encapsulate the stylish side of industrial design, as well as add practical objects to your home.

Article by Nathalie from Help! I am Getting Married.