For many of us, our favourite hobby or interest is the thing we enjoy doing when we aren’t at work.  It is the thing we look forward to and may even be the seeds for a future business.  But the biggest problem can often be finding the room for it in our homes.  Now a simple solution is available called a garden studio.  But what is a garden studio and how would it benefit you?

Garden room basics
A garden studio is a variation of a garden room, garden office, a freestanding structure that can be erected in the garden.  No planning permission is needed for these spaces and there are a wide range of designs available.  The garden studio can be a pre-designed style of garden room or it may be a custom made version.  Many top companies offering garden rooms also offer a bespoke service to create exactly what is needed for your hobby or interest.

Garden offices come with double glazed windows and doors as well as high quality, eco-friendly construction materials.  This means they are safe and secure to leave even expensive equipment within them.  Windows have locks and doors have multi point locking systems, just as houses do, and once electricity is connected, you can even add a burglar alarm for an extra reassurance.

Garden studios
The garden studio is a customisable option within the garden rooms ranges that allow people to get exactly what they need.  One example is the musician – sound proofing the walls allows them to make as much noise as they like without irritating the neighbours!  People who use a lot of loud equipment in their hobby or as part of their job at home also choose this kind of sound proofing for the same reason.

It may be that you are an artists or a craftsperson and need extra daylight into the space.  Therefore, the ideal garden studio would be one with extra windows, allowing that light to enter the space.  Or at the other end of the scale, you may want no windows at all for various hobbies where sunlight can interfere with the processes.

Many crafts and tradespeople choose to work from home and the garden studio is the ideal option for these people.  Rather than using a section of the house for a workspace or work room, you can have your own dedicated space, slightly removed from the house and Garden offices uk would design it made to your measure.