Galleria Elena is Italian company specialised in craft materials for terracotta tiles, wooden and stone floors.

We visited their showroom last month during our trip across Brera district in Milan. We saw a lot of unique products with this nice southern taste. Hand-painted tiles in variety of colours, old, reclaimed wood and marble that really live in time, as well as modern compact limestone and stones are made by Italian expert craftsmen.

The products are available in different ranges.


This Material is obtained by mixing pieces of Italian cotto pulverized with binders and mortars. The coloring is given from the dust of original Cotto and customized by the addition of natural oxides and “marbling” (the artificial grains inside the surface) are performed by hand kneading mixtures of various colors.

Typical of Cocciopesto is the presence on the surface of "pitting" of varying particle size, small holes and inclusions colored, very fine traces of "Craquel√©" and small surface ripples that enhance the value of working full “hand made” processing. The finishing "spatellata" is hand made too, with various steps of polishing and is naturally irregular but pleasant to the touch. The surface is treated with oily liquids repellents and finally polished with wax, giving the final product a unique sensuality.


Classic Italian hand made “COTTO”, full thickness colored, glazed. the masters artisans of Cotto follow the producing traksthe of an age-old ritual. They create tiles formed and trimmed by hand, dried under the sunlight and then cooked with bundles of wood in furnaces a thousand years aged.

The clay used is very thin. From the mosaic floors of 1cm x 1cm to 1m x 1m tiles. The manual mixing of color allows to obtain any kind of color and multiple sizes. Special or “on demand” shapes can be made . Classic Italian “Tailormade” product.


The endless number of patterns of "Neapolitan riggiole" of the nineteeth century meets modern designs, from Gio Ponti to Oscar Niemeyer.

Patterns revisited in a modern interpretation variables in the colors and substrates such as cotto pressed, porcelain tile and laminate.


The use of old materials such as Medieval or Renaissance majolica scrapes, glass, pottery, old marbles, stones and wood. Totally handmade.


Solid, plated, old recovery woods.


Deep marbles, classically veined, meet modern compact limestone and stones.