This our first 'Steal the Look' post, but we are quite excited about and hope that you will like it. Steal the look articles are quite popular in fashion magazines, where people are getting advice on where to buy same products or with the same look, but for less.

We browsed through some affordable high street brands, that offer home decorations and here is our selection.

1. Velvet Cushions from H&M
Pale velvet colours are quite trendy right now, and they will definitely add a bit of bohemian style to the house.

2. Printed Shower Curtain from H&M
What a wonderful idea those printed shower curtains. This is the ideal way to upgrade your bathroom in the rented apartment. Tropical print is trending and also gives you a feeling of being on holidays :)

3. Washed Linen Bedspread and Cushion Cover from ZARA
Nowadays less is more, and this is why Linen bed linens, curtains, cushions, etc. could be found in a lot of newly refurbished designer houses.

4. Brass Mirror from MADE
Round mirrors nowadays is everything.