SHARE Scandinavia is great book to have in your house, especially if you are into art.

SHARE Scandinavia draws together an eclectic mix of work to demonstrate the breadth of Scandinavian artistry, landscape, design and culture. The joy in this book is not only its instant coffeetable appeal, but also its tactile and tangible nature. SHARE Scandinavia offers the observer a unique opportunity to delve into a plethora of images that reflect various aspects of Scandinavian life. And most importantly, all the pages retain their necessary perforated edge. Therefore, each individual piece can be teased out and torn from the book, admired and adorned on your own wall, or perhaps better still, shared with someone else. 

The predominant focus of SHARE is of course to admire the artwork, but to also make art present in a person’s everyday life. Collating a book of this sort means that owning art becomes an accessible reality for everyone. The process to gather this inspiring artwork was no mean feat. Over 350 artists, from around the globe, have been whittled down to curate a cohesive and crafted collection to represent a Nordic way of life - via art. This book includes awe-inspiring landscapes to images of minimalist furniture design, delicate illustrations to striking photography of all things Scandi. 

SHARE aims to unearth the artists that are doing something a little different. We wanted to move away from generic Nordic imagery, whilst maintaining that very definite Scandinavian aesthetic. This platform offered the artists, such as Tekla Evelina Severin, Isabella StÃ¥hl and Chiara Zonca (to name but a few) an opportunity to do just that. This allows in insight into their fascinating stories and backgrounds – a factor that ultimately contributes to the viewer’s connection with the art in their hands. Beautiful, compelling, and absolutely sharable, the art in SHARE Scandinavia is a pleasure to behold. Why not experience an alternative and unknown collection of artwork that may just inspire you to visit and admire Scandinavia for yourself.