There is no right or wrong size for a ceiling rose but it`s important that the proportions are right for both the room size and ceiling height.  The height of the ceiling is as important as the overall dimensions of the room.  Homes with low ceilings are better off with small, plain ceiling roses and this is also the case in a lot of minimalist, modern homes.  Properties with high ceilings can take much larger or more ornate ceiling roses. It`s also a good idea to consider the furniture and other decor in the room before selecting a ceiling rose.  
A sitting room with delicate furniture will generally look better with a delicate and modestly sized rose, whereas a room with a strong centrepiece, such as a heavy oak dining table might be able to carry a larger and more striking ceiling rose.  The other general ‘rule-of-thumb’ is that the rose should not overpower the light itself – i.e the diameter of the rose should not be much greater that the diameter of the chandelier.

Ceiling roses come in a wide variety of styles, from plain, flat circles to huge, ornate affairs. The style you choose will largely depend on your existing decor and any existing decorative features.  If you live in a period property, you may already have some coving or cornicing in the room you wish to install a ceiling rose in.  With the huge variety of styles on offer, it should be possible to find a good match to the existing plaster decoration, or at least a rose that nicely complements it.  If your ceiling just has plain coving, you will have quite a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a rose. Likewise, if your ceiling has no coving or other decorative plasterwork, you are starting with a blank canvas.  Just remember to take into consideration any other architectural or decorative features.  A period fireplace, for example, might not look right in a room with a very modern, contemporary ceiling rose.


1. Ceiling rose and lighting pendant size work well along each other. A dining table will look stunning over there.

2. Very gentle and elegant ceiling rose with no straight borders. Very beautiful.

3. Looks nice, but you can probably notice that a bigger pendant would look more proportional in here.

4. Room with a great ceiling height can allow to have sophisticated coving and a ceiling rose.

4. Modern and minimal interpretation of the ceiling rose.

5. Works well with the rest of the ceiling mouldings.

Reference: Decorative Coving