One of the things I look forward to most about holidays is spending some time in a plush hotel room with fresh sheets and fluffy gowns. Which got me thinking, why should we only get that five-star experience when we’re on holiday? So, I came up with a few tips to affordably transform a bedroom to feel like the ultimate get away and it seemed only fair to share them.

Bed for Days 
One of the best things about staying in a hotel is the bed so big that you feel like you’ve got it all to yourself, even with your partner there. These are not just places to rest, they are the centrepiece of comfort with super squishy pillows and ultra cosy duvets that you just won’t want to leave. Recreating this sumptuous feel may seem difficult to obtain as buying a kings-size bed can be expensive, but there are ways to get the extra-large size without the corresponding price tag. Firstly, you’ll need a comfy mattress and really, for hotel quality, you’ll need to get this brand new. Purchasing in store is probably the most expensive place to find a mattress but never fear, you can get luxury at a super reasonable price when you buy a king-size mattress online! Then you’ll need a bed frame, which you can either find second hand on sites like Gumtree or eBay for as little as £20. Or, there are resources online that talk you through how to build your own bedframe. Voila, you have a king-size bed for an extra-small cost!

Comfy & Fresh
The next thing I love about holiday accommodation, is how fresh and soft everything is, with signature linen that is always super crisp and clean. Just like mattresses, buying linen in store is a guaranteed way to pay through the nose for something that you could get way cheaper online. A quick Google of cheap Egyptian cotton sheets throws up a ton of sites where you can get a full set of 400 thread count sheets for under £50. The same goes for bathrobes, so find a super fluffy and cosy one and some plush bath towels. I would recommend getting everything in white because it adds to the overall feeling of freshness and creates a calm and soothing environment, just like on holiday.

Spacious & Clean 
Speaking of fresh, as with Milena Diyarova’s lovely post on How To Hygge Your Home, keeping your bedroom clean and clutter free is essential to feeling like you’re at your favourite get away. Every hotel room has a home for everything and everything is always in its home. So, pick up some baskets from your local Argos (they cost as little as £12 for three) and make sure that any clutter has a place to be tidied to. Additionally, because you won’t have a maid to clean your room and make your bed every day like when you’re on holiday, you’ll need to keep it spotless yourself! It may seem like a big job, but if you maintain cleanliness every day it’s much more manageable than once a week and returning to a clean room with a made bed is totally worth the extra effort.

Greenery to Finish 
Finally, a plush hotel room wouldn’t be right without some flowers or greenery. If you can afford it, pick up a bouquet every Monday and keep your room smelling and looking beautiful. To get the most of your money, make sure you read up on how to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible. If flowers are too high maintenance, then you can still achieve this green aesthetic by simply adding a few potted plants. Ferns look gorgeous as do orchids and palms. Norsewhite even has a range of recycled pots by OOHH so be sure to check them out as they’re beautiful and amazingly affordable too!

Going on holiday shouldn’t be the only time that you get that fresh, hotel room feeling and with a little effort and cash it doesn’t have to be. So, get that extra-large bed with the crisp white sheets, keep it clean and green and make sure you have soft, fluffy gowns and towels that feel luxurious. Once you’ve followed the steps above you’ll be looking forward to getting home every night and not just when you’re away!

Article by Nathalie Martin