Spring is in the air! Of course, this entails the inevitable appearance of the trusted feather duster and good old Mr Muscle, but it is also time for a little change. Not only is it a fitting time to get rid of all the dust, it is also perfect for decluttering and reinventing your wardrobe as this is an area that we can tend to forget about. Here are a few ways you could be sprucing up your clothing space this Spring.
All in One Style Station
Inspired by Kylie Jenner’s walk-in-wardrobe designed by Martyn Bullard, every hoarder of clothes and accessories would love this super organised unit. However, money and space can be an issue… but all is not lost! There are some fab affordable ways you can still have this luxury with a few alternatives and creative thinking. For example, we’ve already written about IKEA’s wardrobe design service, which can see you having a whole fashion station under £500!
The main role of your style station should be to protect and preserve all your items, from clothes to jewellery. Having specialised storage options from a luxurious watch cabinet to a budgeted and useful jewellery drawer will help you store delicate belongings away from your clothes, but all in one area. Great storage doesn’t only mean boxes - space savers like thinner hangers enable you to store more clothes and are a clever storage hacks that maximises the space.
Built in Stations
Not quite a walk-in wardrobe, but a build-in system that reaches from the floor to ceiling whilst catering to your organisational storage needs. If you find that even after your Spring-clean-and-declutter, you still have lots of clothes and accessories, this could be an alternative solution to a walk-in if you lack the space. It doesn’t have to be a whole wall transformed into a wardrobe, you could always leave space in the centre for a mirror and standing vanity unit.
Both built in and walk in wardrobes lend themselves nicely to holiday homes and for those looking to sell. Not only does it give holiday goers to the ability to hide their suitcases, it can also add value to a property in the eyes of potential buyers. Better yet, if you use a great home staging solution, you can show off your home in the best light without having to invest in new furniture…there are few who can resist the luxury of a glam space.
Open Wardrobes
Something I have seen a lot recently in interiors is open hanging rails that not only store your clothes, but also look gorgeous and minimal. These rails are perfect for additional clothing space whilst doubling up as a lovely aesthetic piece if you choose items that match the colour scheme of your room. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be a plastic rail, think outside the box! You could incorporate a wooden rail or a more contemporary piece like the examples below.
 These are only three ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Think of them as your starting points, a walk-in wardrobe and style station should cater to your organisational needs. For example, if you own lots of necklaces, invest in a holder to display them or if you find hanging clothes unsightly, opt drawers!