Today I have a great chance to touch on one of my favourite topics – Scandinavian interiors – and to talk about light, cosy and so attractive Scandinavian bedrooms.  You will find the key peculiarities of north European interiors taking magnificent Swedish bedrooms as examples. 

The two most common colour schemes when it comes to Scandinavian bedrooms are: 

1. In white and white (snow-white walls, ceiling, floor). 

At that, you feel safe from the feeling of «medical establishment» and sterility in this case due to different textures (wood texture on the floor, stuccowork, no lack of textile, fur) and contrast color stains (bright pillows, blankets, mat, curtains, cut flowers, multi-colored decor, wood furniture). 

2. If «in white and white» scheme seems too extreme for you, install parquet or laminated flooring of light natural shade in your bedroom (light walnut, grey oak, maple…). Your interior will become warm, cosy and ecological.

Scandinavian bedrooms: window covering

Daylight is a key moment of Scandinavian style. Big windows in snow-white frames, light and easy curtains or Roman shades. More often than not, inhabitants of North Europe refuse from shades at all: nothing is to limit access of sunrays to a bedroom.

Flowery wallpapers

You can make a snow-white interior of your bedroom alive covering one wall with beautiful wallpapers with flower print or any other natural one.


Classic red brick supplements a light laconic interior beautifully. Contrast brick wall (or even its small part) will make your bedroom live and full of special charm typical for the loft. 


There are no too many things in a Scandinavian bedroom – each element is cherry-picked and makes an integral part of the interior.   Pay attention to modern laconic posters, pictures and photos. Combine frames and images of different sizes, creating collages and unusual compositions on the wall.

At that, it is important to strike a balance and principles of minimalism. Air and daylight are the best decors for the Scandinavian interior.

Scandinavian bedrooms reflect the love of North Europe inhabitants for nature, natural materials, cosy textile and sunlight. Implementation of Scandinavian minimalism principles, undoubtedly, work in every modern interior`s favour. Hopefully, you like these examples, and you had something new to learn about Scandinavian style.

About the author: Melisa Marzett who is a great writer and pluralistically a fan of the Scandinavian style in music, cinema and furniture writes for Smart Essay Writers at the time and enjoys a chance to write about her favourite style in the article above.