Ardesia design is a very multi-cultural company - from our staff to our designs, our work and inspiration comes from all around the world.
I am originally from Finland and lived there a part of my life when I was younger. Scandinavian design is very popular at the moment, with its minimalist forms and colours and the use of natural materials.
When possible, it's always better to buy designer furniture that's less well-known. A lot of good design nowadays is over-used or over-exposed and somehow loses its appeal. Sourcing products from other countries is therefore, a great way of finding furniture and accessories that haven't had the same exposure as local designer products. Although designer furniture comes at a price, these pieces are long-lasting and much more effective than their replicated counterparts bought from chain stores at discount prices.

Here are some proucts from Scandinavian designers - all are available to purchase from The Finnish Design Shop.

1. LC Shutters lamp, white
Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen
Design: Louise Campbell

2. Kola light rocking chair, wood
Manufacturer: Inno
Design: Mikko Laakkonen

3. Prince chair
Manufacturer: Hay
Design: Louise Campbell

4. Reflect sideboard, oak
Manufacturer: Muuto
Design: Søren Rose Studio