Listone Giordano is one of the great flooring companies we use. Their flooring is natural, beautiful and interesting and for the beauty and quality - very reasonably priced too. We love the textures and patterns their flooring comes in and are very pleased with the quality, durability and natural look and feel of the products.

From their Website:

About the Company
Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring.
This recognition has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: perfection.
An incomparable product, made for whoever loves quality living and wants to find such excellence in their own home.

The Group
Margaritelli is today a large multi-business group that operates in different industrial sectors.

A success constructed around the passion for technological innovation that for more than a hundred years hands down to the components of the Margaritelli family.

In fact in the year 1870 Eugenio Margaritelli specializes in the production of mechanical utensils for agriculture and forestry manufacturing. It is a company designed to be constantly orientated towards perfection, a company that has always favoured research into original solutions and exploration down less beaten tracks.

It is for this reason that the various sectors of the Group – Doors, wood panelling, bathroom furnishings, outdoor products, road and noise reduction barriers, railway sleepers and even industrial vehicles – are based on common and universal values shared by all the Margaritelli men.