Bi-folding doors are deemed trendy in today’s world, and many homes have them. They are a great alternative to traditional patio doors, or French doors which come with many restrictions in terms of movement. A bi-folding door comprises of folding sections that fold to one side of the doorway when opened. This means that the space occupied by the door can be fully opened up. Bi folding doors are suited to large door-spaces and offer great flexibility. When used as external doors, they tend to create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, since they fold away easily and have large glass panels that create a sense of open space, even when the doors are fully closed.
Bi folding doors are available in quite a range of sizes and colours. As such, you can choose bi-folding doors that match with your floor, furniture, or other features of interior decor. When installed in doorways in your home, they maximise the space hence providing you with the option of open-plan living.

Check out some of these great advantages of installing bi-folding doors in your home:

1. Bi-folding doors are great for achieving that contemporary look
Bi-folding doors combine elegance, art and function, bringing a lot of flair to your home. This is because modern decor embraces simplicity, with an outdoorsy airy feel. Installing bi-folding doors helps achieve this effect instantly, without having to spend a fortune. Bi-folding doors also have very low maintenance costs because they are usually made of glass and (Polyvinyl chloride) PVC. This means that most bi-folding doors do not corrode, fade or rot, and are also fire resistant. Occasional cleaning will keep them looking new, and you may never need to paint or repaint them.

2. Improves the ventilation and lighting of your home
There are many homeowners who are faced with the problem of insufficient ventilation in their homes. This is true, especially in summer, when there are times that it seems to get warmer by the day. Moreover, bi-folding doors offer better airflow to the indoors when fully open. They also let in extra light even when fully closed, which enables you to get an unrestricted view of the outdoors, be it your garden, terrace, or pool. Therefore they help to combine interior and exterior aesthetics.

3. Creates the concertina effect
The living room should be a relaxing place, but that can be hard to achieve if it feels dark or congested, or when you feel the room lacks sufficient space. Bi-folding doors have a significant effect on the amount of space available. They are suitable for small rooms in the house in which you wish to make the most of the recreational space available. They offer a wider range of options in the room furniture arrangement as opposed to traditional doors. Bi-folding doors also enable you to have more space available compared to sliding doors.

4. Energy efficient
In the warmer weather, most homes have many electronics such as air-conditioners, fans, or electric coolers running during the day. Bi-folding doors provide greater aeration hence you save on air conditioning costs by simply opening the doors when it gets too hot and close them when it gets cooler. You can also open a part of the door in the evening depending on the season. Moreover, it is worth noting that the materials used to make these doors are thermal insulated. The insulation is better achieved if you choose to have the doors double glazed. Double glazing also offers good sound insulation, meaning your home’s interior stays quiet, and you won’t need to worry about your neighbour when their music is up loud.

5. You can keep an eye on the kids
Children simply love to play outside, and when they play inside, it can become chaotic. This means that they normally have to be constantly supervised. Bi-folding doors will give your children some kind of independence, since you can allow them to play outside and keep a keen eye on them, especially with the doors are open.

6. Easy to install

Bi-folding doors are generally lighter than traditional doors and are easy to install. As a result, a fairly experienced handyman will have an easy time installing the doors, with little professional help. After installation, one should make sure that the doors can open smoothly without friction. Bi-folding doors often have finger-safe gaskets which are particularly important to those worried about the safety of their children. They are also as sturdy as traditional doors and are very durable. From a mechanical point of view, they are very efficient since they are cantilevered off a number of rows and hinges, as opposed to the traditional ones that feature only one. Also, they are made from light, strong materials, which help to reduce friction and wear that could be caused by a heavy door.

These are just a few of the many benefits of installing bi-folding doors. Have you had bi-folding doors installed? What do you think? Have you found any more advantages that could be added to the list? If so, tell us in the comments below.

Images courtesy of ©Vufold

This article was written by Emma-Jane Swaffield. Mum to two and keen home improvement, interior design and DIY enthusiast who still finds time to write the odd article before “The Next Big Project”.


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