We've been looking for good flat-woven rug suppliers recently and came across Sinclair Till at Decorex this year. We loved the flat woven designs from this company, producing amazing designs and a whole range of custom colours and patterns, different finishes to the edges and so on. We loved the hand made feel of the rugs and the coarseness of the natural materials used, such as wool and hemp. Interestingly, we found out afterwards that they have been in partnership with two of our favourite rug companies - Kasthall and Vandra Rug. No wonder we fell in love with their collection of Swedish-inspired, rag-rug style rugs and beautifully detailed flat woven designs!

From their website:

Founded in 1986, Sinclair Till quickly became known for its unique bespoke Linoleum designs; from simple yet elegant borders through to complex inlays. All designs were hand –cut offering a truly artisan floor. Our ‘standard’ patterns were born though anything could be designed – with or without our expert eye. Creating original floors became a passion that is still alive today.

Whilst still creating beautiful Linoleum floors for their clients Sinclair Till took the original flooring idea to a new medium and began painting sisals. Various designs and commissions were undertaken – beautiful large florals, traditional leaves with acorns and bold stripes. Paints could be mixed to match fabrics or wall-coverings so each rug or fitted carpet was tailor made for the space.

The turn of the millennium saw the expansion of Sinclair Till and the building of what is now our Rug Showroom. This architect designed space is wonderfully calming and the use of glass and steel is industrial yet elegant. We also began our long standing partnership with Kasthall, manufacturers of contemporary Swedish Rugs and Odegard Hand-knotted Rugs in wool, silk and hemp.

Offering an unrivalled selection in innovative and interesting floor coverings, the company moved towards custom-made carpets and rugs – launching the Sinclair Till Collection of flatweave designs.
Sinclair Till remains at the forefront of flooring products and more recently we have forged partnerships with Vandra Rag Rugs and have continued our own product development with contemporary Kilims and Tulu Rugs and are constantly seeking out new designs and techniques. We continue to be as excited and inspired by our products as we know you will be.