Like fashion, interior design also has trends that come and go with changing of the seasons. The new year of 2014 is almost upon us and it will bring with it a whole host of new fashions and styles. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home and want to choose something that will be bang on trend in the next 12 months, then here is a list of some of the up and coming interior design trends for 2014 to give you some ideas.

Back to white
Using the colour white, like in these picture galleries here to give a room a sleek look and feel will be very popular in 2014.
As well as being used alone, teaming it up with black in geometric shapes with your furniture and decor is predicted to be another interior design trend over the next 12 months.
If these two really aren’t your colours of choice, then yellow is another colour set to be making waves next year. Adding the odd splash of pink here and there will be another popular design technique too.

Patterns Galore
If you want to decorate your home so that it will look up to date and fresh in 2014, then patterns will be a popular way to do that. In 2014 though, we won’t have to make that agonising choice between spots of stripes because it will be all about experimenting and mixing things up a bit.

 In 2014 th4 interior design of you home will be about more than just something you want to look at and admire. Giving your rooms a textural feel so that it appeals to your sense of touch as well as looking good will be important too. You should want to reach out and touch your walls and furniture as well as simply look at them. You can do this by creating sandy effects or exposing brick work.

Why not make your own
Another one of the trends that is looking set to be big in 2014 is the use of handmade interiors. Things that are knitted (such as cushion covers and throw overs will be especially popular).

Have a look at some of the up and coming trends for yourself and see which ones you like the most and that you think will work best with the space that you have in your home.

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