Created out of a deep respect for vintage lighting, Apparatus was conceived when designers Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson began to experiment with vintage lighting components. Using contemporary materials and salvaged objects, Apparatus create pieces that not only give interiors a dynamic and utilitarian edge, but they create pieces that almost function as sculptures in themselves.
A rather exemplary characteristic from this design duo is their desire to work with their hands and bring out the beauty in materials that have long since been forgotten about. They call it finding the “perfect imperfect”, for instance, brass components are ardently finished in order to find ‘layers of hidden beauty’.  I love that playing homage to history is always at the forefront of their minds, and I am equally enthused by the way Hendifar and Anderson reference history through the finish and structure.

The finish on ‘Cloud’ references 19th century frosting techniques.

The three central lights emit a soft glow that is spread through the cluster of the orbs.

‘Highwire’ is inspired by the French aerialist Philippe Petit. The balance bar can be moved on its axis.

The use of triangular and conical shapes in ‘Triad’ is influenced by trigonometric principles. 

‘Compass’ is inspired by cartographic imagery. 

Article was written by Vanessa Anyaeji. Do not forget to visit her Blog