When you look at Grand’s series of furniture, you notice how it reminds you of a classy, delicate lady’s handbag. Simple and elegant, stimulating audience to touch it.

From their Website:

GRAND is a newborn collaboration between the designer Mathieu Gustafsson and cabinet maker Niklas Karlsson, who chose a name that reflects their vision for design and the quality of their work. As they say themselves, ''when creating our own brand we didn’t want to compete in low pricing, we rather wanted to contribute in artistic expression and quality''. LOCK and LIGHT are the first two pieces designed and executed by the Stockholm duo which were launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013, receiving rapturous attention from visitors.

In the LOCK cabinet, the ball clasp looking mechanism stands out and becomes the centre of the attention. The ingenious way this cabinet actually locks is reminiscent of the details found in old fashioned women’s handbags where the brass finishing along the edge of the doors ends in a small brass ball giving the generally minimalistic piece originality and a strong identity. 

This subtle way of playful experimentation with materials and tactility is also obvious in the imposing LIGHT wardrobe which winks at the legendary Palmgrens' bags. Renowned in the 1960s for their legendary handbag in which leather and rattan were successfully combined, this Swedish company rightfully became world famous. GRAND were able to translate that combination in an even more ground breaking way, covering the sides of the wardrobe with rattan. The blending of thin white lacquered birch with an admittedly misused material such as rattan, gives an elegant result, where added nobility comes into play through the application of the brass details.