Bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms in the house to design carefully and with much thought. It is necessary to make those spaces functional and comfortable. Bathrooms should be relaxing, personal spaces and often the shower is the main feature. A good-sized, well-designed shower enclosure could bring some 'wow' effect to a bathroom, but how to choose the right one when there is so much choice?

To start with, check the measurements of your bathroom and try to estimate your budget. Consider as well your priorities - do you want to create a stunning walk-in wetroom or are you concerned about water splashing onto the floor (in which case you would be better off with an enclosed shower cubicle). Shower enclosures need to look nice, but above all they need to work well in the space they are fitted in.

Shower Cubicle with Doors
Shower Cubicle with doors is the most standard and safe solution in terms of preventing water splashing. The cubicle’s door could be a simple hinged door, bi-fold or even sliding. Shower Cubicles are good for smaller bathrooms where space restrictions apply.

This is a good choice for smaller bathrooms, corner showers or simply for those who prefer softer, rounded shapes.

Walk in Showers
Walk in showers have become a very popular trend in bathroom design. A single, frameless shower screen can look stunning and modern and an open shower can feel less claustrophobic than a small enclosure. Walk in showers look their best in larger, spacious bathrooms and they would be a poor choice for someone who's main concern was to limit water splashing.

Wet Room Shower Screen
Wet room showers differ from walk in showers, although some walk in showers can also be fitted in wet rooms. When we say wet room showers, we mean no visible shower tray and no cubicle. A 
When we say Wet Room we mean no shower trays and no shower cubicles. To create a wet room, a special wet room drainage system will need to be installed and tiled on top, so that the border between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom is not visible. A single shower panel would be fitted as a divider between the direct wet area and the rest of the bathroom. This kind of design can look fantastic, creates a spacious, open shower area but would create some splashing into the rest of the bathroom.

Bath Shower Screen
A bath screen would need to be installed to the side of a bath tub in bathrooms where there is no space to install a separate shower. There are many options, from hinged to bi-folding to fixed panels.

If you are still not sure which shower enclosure will suit your bathroom better, you can always hire a designer who could help you to make those decisions according to the working space and available budget. If you have already checked all the retail stores and did not find anything what you like, we can offer a unique custom-made design, tailored to your needs.