Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the property, but there are a lot of tricks to make them look bigger. The right choice of lighting, fitting, fixtures and finish colours can help to make the most of the space. 

Clever Lighting and Light Colours
Using light colours in interior is a tested way of making room seem bigger, as pale shades are more reflective than darker tones. Spotlights can brighten up the whole room, including the darkest corners, what a central ceiling light will not be able to do. Another option would be increasing the natural light coming into the room. If you are an owner of the top floor flat, you can install a skylight window, which will brighten up your bathroom. Different hidden LED-lighting strips and shadow gap effects will work well in the bathrooms with no windows, as they could help to create an effect of natural light. 

Keeping Proportions in Mind
Standard-sized fittings in a small bathroom can look a bit over scaled. You might think of investing in scaled-down fixtures for the bathroom, like shorter bathtub, smaller sink and less bulky toilet. Smaller units will look more proportional in the small bathroom. Wall-hung bathroom units will not look too incongruous and will create a contemporary look while taking less space.

Thinking of Clever Storage Solutions
Try always to remove all unnecessary items that take up valuable floor space. Such things as laundry basket or weighing scales can be hidden inside the cupboard or combined with other items in the space. For more welcoming and open bathrooms avoid installation of bulky furniture. Big cupboards in rows can take a lot of space. You might consider having a built-in storage cabinet, which goes from the floor up to the ceiling. This will allow to have plenty of storage space with no compromising on the floor area. Also consider mirrors and mirrored cabinets, as they could visually increase the size of the room.

Building Niches
Another way of enlarging the space in the bathroom is to built niches and recesses. You could have niches in the wall of the shower and bathtub which will work perfectly as a storage space for all the toiletries. You can also try and play with recesses for toilet roll holders, which will allow to have walls smooth and uncluttered.