If you are refurbishing right now, take advantage of winter's lovely textures and patterns, and wintery pastel tones. This season, we've noticed a trend towards warmer shades of neutrals and some interesting geometric patterns.

See below:
1. Pastels and off whites work well in bathrooms - keeping it minimal is key but minimal doesn't necessarily imply cold. We love the use of the off-white wall colours with the wooden floor finish.

2. An interesting design with a lot of wood and natural materials for warmth. The wooden walls and floor contrast nicely with the simple white kitchen. Wall cladding such as this is not a difficult effect to achieve and it certainly stands out!

3. I absolutely love this bathroom and the angle this photo was taken at. Mosaics are very popular at the moment, especially mosaics that depict geometric patterns in muted colours.

4. Quite a bold, modern design but this kitchen / dining space applies the rules of winter design - the mis-matching of the top and bottom kitchen cabinets with the fantastic, geometric splashback works well and the Dixon lampshade adds drama. Animal hide rug optional.

5. This is probably one of my favourite kitchens I have seen in a while. I love the tall cabinets with the flush fronts - the finish of the cabinet doors is very interesting (they look almost like plywood but smoother). The herringbone floor is fantastic, it adds a lot of interest and drama and the colours and patterns of the kitchen cabinets, floor and gorgeous stone worktop work together very well.

6. I love this design as it shows how a luxurious look can be achieved without a great amount of flamboyant gold colours, bold prints or excessive amounts of crystal accessories. The beige / pastel wall colours and natural linen fabrics keep this design down to earth.