We have seen Alape products at Sleep Hotel Design event. We were impressed by their thin basin and beautiful and soft basin cabinet. Alape can provide a bespoke design service by giving you exactly want you need. 

From Their Press release:
Inside by Alape:
Intelligent use of storage space

The new washplace Inside.S, floor-standing and with wall connection, has a
side drawer for the main bathroom which can be arranged on the left or right depending on the space available and opened with a push-to-open function.
The towel holder is positioned on the opposite side. The basin consists of the
new Alape rectangular recess X.plicit, which merges with the body of the washplace to form a unit. The dimensions of Inside.S for the main bathroom are 749 x 900 x 484 mm (w x h x d).

The new line Inside.S by Alape once again demonstrates the company's innovative powers together with the advantages of the specific material glassed steel. For the first time, the use of glassed steel as primary material has permitted the development of washplaces that make constructive use of hollow spaces with drawers or shelves to integrate valuable storage space inside the unit. The new inside washstands combine unique aesthetic properties with functional storage space.
The new Inside line encompasses geometrically designed washplaces with convincing functionality and clear design. Inside.S offers floor-standing versions with a side drawer or open shelf, depending on the model. The functional design of the products is underlined not only by the integrated storage space. All models have a towel holder on the side so that the towel is always directly in reach.
Storage space on the side for the main and guest bathroom
The version for the guest bathroom has an open shelf for bathroom utensils, while the towel holder is integrated on the side in the body of the floor-standing and wall-mounted Inside.S.  The guestroom basin is a rectangular model from the Xplore.S line specially designed to fit in the smallest bathrooms. The dimensions of the entire washplace Inside.S for the guest bathroom are 649 x 900 x 292 mm (w x h x d).