Underfloor heating (UFH) is a popular and modern feature, which allows us to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during cold winters. The system works by principle of circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked plastic pipes installed under the flooring. The warm water radiates heat into the air above it.
We have noticed that a lot of people are feeling a bit confused and not sure if it is better to install underfloor heating system or to stick to the standard radiators. Of course, UFH is a bit more expensive, but taking into the consideration all the advantages of it, the price difference does not seem to be that enormous.  
Advantages of Underfloor Heating
One of the advantages is that underfloor heating provides more “balanced” heating. The system covers all floor area in the flat, so the heat source is from all over, rather when from one point, as in radiators case. Moreover, UFH will provide an extra layer of sound and heat insulation between your flat and the flat below, which definitely works a good plus for you and for your neighbors.
Are underfloor heating systems more energy efficient than traditional radiators?
Even though you will need to invest a bit more at the beginning for getting an UFH system, it will help you to save on your electricity bills afterwards. Underfloor heating systems can save an estimated 10 – 40% on electricity costs; this is because little heat is wasted by the process. Warm air rises up through the floor and only loses 2 degrees of heat for every 2 meters it rises. Radiators can have circulation issues as the water is pushed through the pipe system and back into the radiator before it loses all of its heat, so it does not heat the desired space as it should. In addition, the underfloor heating system works by principle of controlling different thermostatic zones, allowing switching on and off heating in different rooms. When all the zones are switched off the boiler is switched off too, which is not the case with radiators.

Aesthetic Issue
In terms of aesthetics and placement, with a traditional radiator a homeowner must be aware of the space around the radiator. Radiators are noticeable and bulky, which simply does not look nice. Furthermore, if the space around the radiator is blocked or covered in anyway then the main source of heating is being restricted. With underfloor heating systems there are no bulky issues to consider as all the piping is hidden under the floor. This helps to have more working space in the room.

All in all, at Ardesia Design we are big fans of Underfloor heating and think that it will slowly replace the radiators. It looks better, it helps to save on electricity costs and helps to raise the value or the property when considering renting or selling.