In many homes across the world, the living room is the central hub of home life. It is the room where we ‘live’. Where we watch television, we play with the children, we relax, we eat or even share a coffee with friends. It really is the one room of the house where everyone comes together. As such, the décor and the furnishings in this room has to adequately reflect the home owner and set the tone for the rest of the house. Achieving everything we want out of a room in terms of functionality and décor can be difficult, but for such prominent room, it is definitely worth the extra effort.
Layout of the Room
When considering the layout of the room, consider what you actually want in it. What furniture is essential and what is a desirable extra. This way you prioritise what you have to have over what you would like to have and you can therefore allocate the space accordingly. Some items of furniture obviously take up more room than others, so it is important to decide to the order of priority early on to avoid over cluttering a space. A well set out room can maximise the available space and give the impression of a larger area.
The Colour
The colour scheme which you chose in the room is central to creating the correct mood, and atmosphere. Selecting heavy colours can often draw the walls in, but create a cosy feel in a room, whereas, light, neutral colours can provide a blank canvas upon which you can build. Think about the atmosphere which you are trying to create in the room and also the natural light that is present. There are a wide variety of paint manufacturers offering a diverse choice of colours from pre-mixed paints to colours you create yourself.
Soft Furnishings and the Comfort Factor
Selecting a sofa which is both functional and adorable is no easy task. An average household will spend several hours a night sat on the sofa relaxing and recharging their batteries after a hard day’s work. According to the Daily Mail Britons spend approximately 17 years sitting on their sofa! Although the new sofa you’re contemplating does not necessarily need to stand up to 17 years of wear, it does need to be functional, durable and of good quality, yet still look stunning as the central piece of furniture in your living room. When choosing a sofa, consider the space which you’re willing to dedicate to it and also which style will complement the other pieces of furniture you’re aiming to incorporate into the room. Having a vision in mind of what you would like the finished room to look like is always a good idea and one which Ardesia Design can assist with. 
In a similar way in which colour can define a room, the style and fabric of the curtains can also dress a room in a variety of different directions. Choosing a fabric that will complement the colours in the room and the sofa is essential. There are a whole host of companies who supply a huge variety of different fabrics to choose from which can make it a mean deciding on what it is you want is a bit of a nightmare. According to Elle Décor, “Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.” Choosing the right texture, style and look of the curtains can really make a room and accentuate the natural light that comes streaming through the windows.
Accessories- Useful or Decorative
Accessories in a room tend to be accumulated over time, maybe from a far flung holiday destination we’ve visited or memorable family photos. However, a few essential accessories to start off a room can provide that feeling of warmth that makes a room more ‘lived in’. Stylish lamps can often add a touch of glamour while providing a subdued evening light to great ambience in the room. Similarly a well-placed mirror can reflect more light back into the room, as well as creating the illusion of more space.
With so much to consider for just one room, re-designing the living room, is no small challenge, but once done, it is a room which will be central to life in your house and one in which, you and your family will be able to create many happy memories for countless years to come. 
Article is written by Jenni Newman.