Although working in London is fabulous and inspiring in itself, the size of housing here is quite limited and often the design and spacial layout are focused on maximising storage space and coming up with clever solutions to the lack of space. Sometimes we dream about designing something in the countryside or even abroad, where housing is more generously sized. Here are a few things we would do if we had the space:

1. A large open plan living space with a galley floor above and, of course, a fantastic chandelier

2. A bedroom that isn't squeezed for space - with a fireplace and plenty of moving space.

3. An large, open plan living / dining / kitchen space, big enough to host a party - and sliding doors that open onto a terrace / garden.

4. A living / dining room with room dividers.These could be curtains or movable partitions - in London, there is rarely enough space to afford any kind of partitioning.

5. A spacious hallway / entrance space with plenty of storage, lighting and character.

6. A luxurious bathroom with a freestanding bath.This bathroom looks like the size of a typical bedroom in London!