The best idea to create a nice wall above your desk should be suitable to your nature of work. Here you can have some hacks to make it smartly and practically, depending if the desk is located at your home office, youth room or just small corner for work.

Magnetic/ Chalkboard Paint
Magnetic chalkboard paint is always a good idea for a wall finish, especially above the desk. You can always have important information just in your sight, record your to-date ideas or create your current calendar by just writing it down by piece of chalk. If you wish to attach some paper by magnets - use magnetic paint before you paint your wall in chalkboard paint.

Pin or Fabric Board
Pin/ pin board or fabric board is another way to change your wall above the desk. If your work needs creativity, including collecting pictures, samples, texts - change your space above the desk into thubmtacked gallery of inspiration!

Cover your wall by pin or plate covered by fabric. It's a great idea for student's room where you can pin a timetable, important information or things-to-do.

Expanded Metal or Brass
Expanded metal or perforated sheet may be an original idea especially for teenage room. Modern and industrial breath - why not? Moreover, on perforated sheet you can hang some boxes for writing stuff, wires, headphones or even shelving to gain extra space!