Hosting a Christmas Party and thinking about how to surprise your Guest? If yes, we have got something for you - Strawberries! 

Almost everyone likes strawberries, so it very hard to go wrong with it, so we would like to share with you some interesting recipes involving strawberries for the Christmas parties. 

1. Strawberry Christmas trees covered in chocolate is one of my favourites, it looks so cute and yummy. Recipe found at Lovely Little Kitchen

2. I saw those cute Santa Strawberries at Leanne Bakes and now I cannot imagine a Christmas dinner table without them. I think this now should be a "must have" dessert in every Christmas dinner menu.

3. Berrt Christmas Pavlova, which looks exactly like a Christmas wreath. This wold be the best decoration to any Christmas table. You can find a recipe on My Square Frying Pan.

4. Strawberry Prosecco decorated with some sugar - no comments on that - this is just the best! ;)